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A Christmas Picture of Revival

Big Idea of Series:  A revival is God’s renewal of the church to love and serve Him in greater and deeper ways. What would it look like for this Christmas to be one of revival for us, our family, our church? This series will look at five ways to pray for revival.

Are You Ready for the End?

Big Idea of the Series:  Jesus has promised to return.  He has told us how we are to be ready, either for our death or His return.

Biblical Life Lessons

Big Idea of the Series: Paul tells us that “Every Scripture passage is inspired by God. All of them are useful for teaching, pointing out errors, correcting people, and training them for a life that has God’s approval.” 2 Timothy 3:16 (GW)Too often when people read the Bible, they only see it as a set of facts.  This series will show each narrative’s application to our lives.  We will answer the questions: What does this teach me about Jesus? What principle(s) about the life of faith does this teach me?  Based on this, how should I be living? How can I share this Bible narrative with someone?


Big Idea of the Series: There is a movement today to cancel culture.  But God calls us to live counter- cultural.  The prophet Elijah lived during a time when followers of the Lord were persecuted.  He lived against the culture of his time.  We can learn much in how to live today from him.

Fear or Not to Fear

Big Idea of the Series: Many people think that there are 2 Gods of the Bible, the OT God who is angry and the NT God who is loving.  This series will look at what it means to fear God, why we should fear God, and how fearing God shows that there is only 1 God of the entire Bible.

Get Schooled

Big Idea of the Series: Jesus has taught us what His followers are to look like and do.  We find these teachings in the Sermon on the Mount.  Jesus teaches us to be more like Him.  He provides the Holy Spirit to help us to be and live like Him.

God Did What?

Big Idea of the Series:

Scattered throughout the Old Testament are strange things that God did.  People don’t usually talk about these because they don’t agree with their view of God.  These are not one-time weird things of God.  These were written to tell us who God is and what He does.  They are strange in order to get our attention.

My Loved Ones Don’t Believe

Big Idea of Series: What do you do when your spouse/children don’t share your faith? This 2- part series will give practical ways to live out your faith in love and win your loved ones to the Lord of love.

The Offense of Christ

Big Idea: Most people think of Jesus on the cross as an offense.  But Jesus also said things that offended people.  He spoke the truth, pointed out people’s sin, and confronted hypocrisy.  Nobody likes that! But to not do those things is an act of hate rather than love.  Prepare to be offended!

The Spirit Speaks, The Church Listens

Big Idea of the Series: The seven letters to the churches in Revelation are meant to also be to us as a church and as individual followers of Jesus. Each letter contains a word of encouragement or admonishment for us. Are we willing to listen?

Who is Your Potter?

Big Idea of Series: Who is shaping your world view?  The world or Jesus?  Learn how to S.W.A.P. the world’s view for the Holy Spirit’s!