Big Idea of the Series: Only by staying connected to Jesus, our spiritual Vine, will we grow in our relationship to Him and avoid spiritual drift.

The Vine, the Branch, the Vinedresser

Big Idea: Jesus shows us our relationship to Him and the Father.  We can do nothing apart from Jesus.  The Father works in our lives to promote our growth in faith and love.

Abide and Live!

Big Idea: Only by abiding in Jesus do we experience true life and purpose.

Abiding by Prayer

Big Idea: When we abide in Jesus, we are constantly listening to Him and talking with Him.  Prayer becomes our language of love.

Abiding by Obeying

Big Idea: As we abide by prayer, we learn how to live.  We live in obedience to Jesus out of love for Jesus.  This is the joy-filled life.

Obeying by Loving

Big Idea: When we abide in Jesus, we become more like Him as He pours His life into ours. This is seen by how we love like Jesus loves us.

Chosen to Abide

Big Idea: Jesus has chosen us to be His friends.  He brings us into an abiding relationship with Him.  His life flowing into and through ours produces love that flows through us to others.