He Shall Be called….

Big Idea of the Series: Isaiah 9:6 prophecies that the Messiah will be born.  This verse lists 7 names for the Messiah.  This series will look at each of these names, how Jesus fulfills these names, and what this means for us today.

He Shall be Called… Wonderful

Big Idea: God becoming one of us is wonderful.  God wanting us to be His child is even more wonderful!

Big Idea: A counselor is one who advises, who shows wisdom.  Jesus said that one who is greater in wisdom than Solomon was present.  He continues to bestow His wisdom on us.

He Shall be Called…Mighty

Big Idea: Jesus showed His might over nature, illness, demons, and death.  He shows His might in our lives and world.

He Shall be Called…God

Big Idea: Jesus is God in the flesh (Emmanuel).  He comes to us in His flesh in the Lord’s Supper.

He Shall be Called…Everlasting

Big Idea: Jesus is eternal. He does not change (Hebrews 13:8).  This means that the blessings He brought in the past, the things He did in the past, He still brings and does today!

He Shall be Called…Immanuel

Big Idea: Christmas is the celebration of God becoming one of us.  Only in this way could we be brought into the presence of God. 

He Shall be Called…Father

Big Idea: Jesus is the Son of God.  Yet through His death and resurrection, He has become our Father in bringing us into relationship with God.

He Shall be Called…Prince of Peace

Big Idea: Jesus brings peace between God and man in His death and resurrection.  He also brings peace between man and man as we live in His peace and love with each other.