Me, A Missionary?

Big Idea of the Series: Jesus gave us the Great Commission.  This is for all followers of Jesus to do.  But He calls and equips each of us in different ways of doing it. 

The Great Commission

Big Idea: Jesus wants to use each of us to carry out His work of bringing His Good News to others.

Be Jesus With Skin OnBig Idea: Not everyone can go oversees to bring Jesus’ Good News.  But we can be Jesus with skin on to those around us.

Who Are You Praying into the Kingdom of Heaven?

Big Idea: We should be praying for the lost to be found, especially for those we personally know. 

Working Behind the Scenes

Big Idea: Some followers of Jesus obey this command by personally going to preach the Gospel, while others choose to support this command by financial commitments.  All Christians, expressing their love for the salvation of all people, should constantly remember this great command of our Lord in their prayers, petitioning that the saving Gospel would come to all people.