Meet the Team

Big Idea of the Series: The Apostle Paul had many members on his mission team.  Some we know well.  Others we do not.  Some were very good.  Some ended badly.  We can learn a lot from them about following Jesus and being a part of a team of believers who share the good news of Jesus.

Barnabas the Encourager

Big Idea: Barnabas encouraged people to follow Jesus.  He took chances in investing in the lives of others who many thought should not be encouraged.  Who can you encourage and invest in?

Mark – Second Chance FollowerBig Idea: Mark started out badly.  He got afraid and ran back home to momma.  Instead of leaving him behind, Barnabas encouraged him.  Mark went on to write the Gospel of Mark.  The only time it is too late for a second chance at following Jesus is when you die.

Silas: Leading by Following

Big Idea: Silas was a leader before he met Paul.  But he counted serving Christ greater than being a leader. What do you consider serving Christ greater than?

Luke: Faithful Companion

Big Idea: Luke was a doctor.  He stayed by Paul’s side during some of the most difficult times.  His presence was a source of comfort and strength for Paul. For whom can you be a source of comfort and strength?

Aquila and Priscilla: Humble Servants

Big Idea: Aquila and Priscilla served behind the scenes.  They worked to support themselves and others.  They quietly supported Paul, instructed Apollos, and opened their house to serve as a church.  They served in whatever capacity was needed without drawing attention to themselves.  How can you serve at our church?

Apollos: Leading and Still Learning

Big Idea: Apollos was a leader.  Yet he learned from Aquila and Priscilla.  Are you open to continuing to learn?

Onesimus: Disobedient Slave Turned Obedient Slave of Christ.

Big Idea: Onesimus stole and ran away from his master.  He ran into Paul who introduced him to Jesus.  Onesimus willingly became a slave of Christ.  Whose slave are you?

Timothy: Not Too Young to Lead

Big Idea:  Timothy was considered too young to be a leader by most people.  But he was not too young to be used by God as a leader.  What is holding you back from serving God?

2023 Demas: Lured Away

Big Idea: Demas started off well as a companion and fellow laborer of Paul.  But when things got tough, he left Paul and Christ for things of this world.  How will you overcome hardships to stay with Christ?

Epaphras: Lover of God, Lover of His People.

Big Idea: Epaphras heard the Good News from Paul.  He went on his own to his hometown to share this good news. With whom do you love enough to share this Good News?

Titus: Willing to Do the Hard Work.

Big Idea: Paul sent Titus on some hard missions.  Titus went willingly.  God used him to help the churches.  What hard work is God calling you to do?