Follow The Leader

What kind of follower are you?

Big Idea of the series:  There are many kinds of followers of Jesus.  Some follow more closely; others follow very distantly. Jesus calls us to follow Him.  How will you follow the leader?

Mary from Magdala: Following with Devotion and Love

Big Idea: Jesus had freed Mary from demon possession.  She followed Him out of devotion and love.  She never left Him even when others did. She loved Him because of His first love for her.  What has Jesus freed you from?  How will you follow?

Nicodemus: Following Secretly

Big Idea: Nicodemus was a religious leader.  He came to Jesus at night.  He followed Jesus but secretly because he was afraid of what the other religious leaders would say.  What is keeping you from following Jesus openly?

Matthew: Following by Giving Up All

Big Idea: Matthew was a hated tax collector.  Jesus called him to follow.  Matthew gave up everything of his sinful past and gladly followed Jesus.  What is Jesus calling you to give up to follow Him?

Judas: Following Falsely

Big Idea: Judas followed Jesus to see what he could get out of it.  He continued to sin, and his sin grew until he showed he was a false follower by betraying Jesus.  What sin is keeping you back from truly following Jesus?