Tag, You’re It!

Big Idea of the Series: This series will use the assigned Gospel readings to help us learn about how Jesus wants New Life to fulfill her mission statement of Serving the Least, the Last, and the Lost with Christ’s love to grow Christ’s kingdom.

Chasing the Resistant

Big Idea: Many people do not want to know about Jesus.  Yet Jesus sends New Life after them. We do not chase them in our own power but rather by faith, fueled by the Holy Spirit.

Touching the Untouchables

Big Idea: Lepers were cast out of society.  Samaritans were hated.  A Samaritan leper was the lowest of the low.  Jesus healed the Samaritan leper.  He calls us to touch the untouchables with His love.

Praying for the Tag

Big Idea: Before we can touch people with Jesus’ love, we need to pray for them.

Pastor Larry Merino shares some prayer strategies.

Chasing Them Down

Big Idea: Jewish tax collectors were thought of as traitors.  Jesus chased down Zacchaeus, the chief tax collector, and showed him love.  Zacchaeus became a follower of Jesus.  New Life is to also chase people down to love them with the love of Jesus.