A Christmas Picture of Revival

Big Idea of Series:  A revival is God’s renewal of the church to love and serve Him in greater and deeper ways. What would it look like for this Christmas to be one of revival for us, our family, our church? This series will look at five ways to pray for revival.

Revival begins with prayer and fasting

Big Idea:  The history of revival shows that prayer is the starting point.  Zechariah and his wife prayed for a son.  This son would get things ready for Jesus.  Who are you praying for to believe in Jesus? What are you willing to fast from?

Pray for unusually large numbers of people to come to faith

Big Idea: When we pray for revival, we pray that unusually large numbers of people will come to faith.  We are praying for a people movement.  The shepherds were the start of a people movement in Israel.  The Karen were the first people movement in Burma.

Pray for unusually large numbers of people to come to faith II

Big idea: The wisemen were the first non-Jewish people to come to faith.  They brought three gifts, but there was probably a large group traveling together for safety.

Disrupt the devil from keeping people from hearing God’s Word.

Big Idea: The devil has been trying to destroy mankind from the beginning.  He knows the ultimate way to destroy us is to keep us from hearing the Good News of Jesus.  He will do anything to keep that Good News from being told, heard, and believed.

Lead to a Holy Spirit manifestation of love for God and for others

Big Idea: Joseph loved God.  He wanted to do the right thing according to God’s laws.  But he also loved Mary and didn’t want to harm her.  What would happen if we loved God and others this way?