Arise! Shine!

Big Idea of the series: Christmas is a time of lights.  The Lord spoke through Isaiah to us that we are to wake up and shine – reflect the light we receive.  This series will look at the light we find at Christmas and ways we are to reflect that light as the moon reflects the sun.

Arise and Shine!

Big Idea: God calls to us to wake up and reflect His light that shines upon us!

See the Light!

Big Idea: Sin causes us to live in darkness.  Jesus the light of the world shines into our dark lives of sin and brings us into light and life!

God’s Light Brings Joy

Big Idea: Jesus brings light, life, and joy to us.

Shining on Others So They Can Shine!

Big Idea: Jesus came to make us lights to those living in darkness.  As we shine Jesus’ light on them, they in turn will become lights to shine on others.

The Glory of the Light

Big Idea: The angels reflected God’s glory to the shepherds.  This glory lit up the night.  We, too, should reflect this glory and light up the lives of those around us.

The Christmas Light that Keeps Shining

Big Idea: Christmas is a season of lights.  But the love of God that shined at Christmas continues to shine in and through us all year round.

Shining as Stars

Big Idea: God used a star to bring the wise men to Jesus.  You and I are to be like stars bringing others to Jesus.