Big Idea of the Series: There is a movement today to cancel culture.  But God calls us to live counter- cultural.  The prophet Elijah lived during a time when followers of the Lord were persecuted.  He lived against the culture of his time.  We can learn much in how to live today from him.

The Man from No Where

Big Idea: Elijah has no genealogy listed.  He suddenly appears on the scene to confront an evil king.  God uses people with no powerful background to do powerful things.

Poor is Plenty

Big Idea: God provided Elijah with food water using ravens and a stream.  He also provided through a poor widow preparing to die.  If we are doing what God has told us to do.,he will provide in the most unlikely ways.

Not Afraid

Big Idea: Elijah was sent to confront an angry king.  But he went in the boldness of the Lord.  We are sent to an angry world to proclaim the goodness of God.  We too can be bold in Jesus.

Out Numbered

Big Idea: Elijah went up against 450 prophets of Baal.  He was all alone, except for God.  When we have God on your side, we always out number the enemy.

Standing on the Promises

Big Idea: God had told Elijah that it would rain.  Elijah didn’t give up on the promise of God but kept praying until it was fulfilled.  We too should never give up praying.


Big Idea: It seems strange that Elijah would be discouraged after such a great victory.  But in his discouragement we find hope for ourselves when we too are discouraged.