Fear or Not to Fear

Big Idea of the Series: Many people think that there are 2 Gods of the Bible, the OT God who is angry and the NT God who is loving.  This series will look at what it means to fear God, why we should fear God, and how fearing God shows that there is only 1 God of the entire Bible.

Fear in the Face of Grace

Big Idea: God’s grace outweighs His Law.  Adam was given one commandment not to eat from one tree.  But he was given permission to eat from all other trees.

Fear of Punishment

Big Idea: Only those who have done wrong need to fear punishment.  Laws are for the law breakers.  Followers of Christ are freed from the curse of the law (punishment).

Healthy Fear versus Unhealthy Fear

Big Idea: Healthy fear of God means understanding His power over us to exercise  His justice and His mercy. Unhealthy fear of God is focusing only on His justice and our guilt.

Obedience Starts with Fear and Love

Big Idea: Luther begins the explanation to each of the Ten Commandments with the words, “We should fear and love God.”  Only by balancing the proper fear of God with love of God will we obey God willingly.

Loving the Law Giver

Big Idea: God gives us laws out of love.  They are meant for our good and protection.  As we understand this, we will not only obey out of love but also love the Law Giver.

Going Above and Beyond the Law

Big Idea: Fear of the Law commands.  Love of God compels us to go above and beyond what the Law demands.

Saved by Grace

Big Idea: Obeying the law does not save us.  God saves us by what He does for us, not by what we do to try to please Him.  This frees us from the fear of the Law.

Love Feast, Not Fear Fest.

Big Idea: The Lord’s Supper is Jesus’ love feast for us.  It is His gift of love to us to give us Him.  This meal helps drive away fear.