Get Schooled

Get Schooled!

Big Idea of the Series: Jesus has taught us what His followers are to look like and do.  We find these teachings in the Sermon on the Mount.  Jesus teaches us to be more like Him.  He provides the Holy Spirit to help us to be and live like Him.

Learn How to Be Blessed

Big Idea: Who doesn’t want to be blessed? Jesus teaches us the characteristics of those who are blessed in His kingdom.  It is opposite of what the world thinks and does.  But the truth is, those who are blessed, bless others, even the world!

Learn How to Preserve People

Big Idea: Followers of Jesus are to be salt and light.  They are to point people to Jesus.  This starts with praying for their salvation.

Learn the True Meaning of the Law

Big Idea: Jesus did not come to set aside the Law.  But He did come to keep it perfectly for us.  He also came to remove the false teachings that crop up about the Law.

Learn How to Do Good

Big Idea: God has created us to do good works which He has prepared for us in advance (Eph 2:10). Jesus teaches us how we are to do these good works and what some of them are.

Learn What is Truly Valuable

Big Idea: What the world considers valuable is worthless in the kingdom of God.  Gold is highly valuable on earth but is used to pave the streets in heaven.  Jesus teaches us what our focus should and shouldn’t be on here on earth.

Learn to Judge Correctly

Big Idea: We are naturally quick to judge others, and we do this in the most unkind way.  Jesus teaches us how we are to judge all things as His followers.