God’s Image in Us

Big Idea of the Series: God has created us in His image.  That image was corrupted in the fall.  Through faith in Jesus that image is being restored.  As we learn the attributes of God, we learn how our image is to reflect His attributes. God is the giver of good gifts.  He gives us spiritual gifts that reflect His attributes.  As we learn about these spiritual gifts, we learn about who God is.

Image Created. Lost, Restored

Big Idea: God created us in His image.  We lose that image by sinning.  Jesus restores God’s image in us.

Reflecting God’s Image of Power and Knowing

Big Idea:  God is all-powerful and all-knowing.  As we our lives grow closer to Him, we reflect power and knowledge.

Reflecting God’s Image of Holy and Just

Big Idea: God is holy, hating sin.  He is also just; he cannot be bribed.  He makes us holy through Christ.  He teaches us to be just.

Reflecting God’s Image of Faithful and Good

Big Idea: God keeps His promises.  He also wants what is best for us. We are to be faithful to Him and do what is best for others.

Reflecting God’s Image of Mercy, Grace, and Love

Big Idea: God does not punish us according to what we deserve (mercy).  He shows us love even when we are unlovable (grace & love).  As we receive mercy, grace, and love, we are to give mercy, grace, and love to others.