Never Give Up

Big Idea of the Series: We are told in Scripture of the need of spiritual endurance.  This series will help us to discover the need of spiritual endurance, the ways to get spiritual endurance, and the rewards of having spiritual endurance.

Spiritual Endurance is Needed for Salvation.

Big Idea: Jesus set His face to go to Jerusalem so He could suffer and die for our salvation.  Paul encouraged Timothy and us to also have spiritual endurance so that we can finish our race and receive the prize of salvation.

Spiritual Endurance is Needed to Produce a Godly Character

Big Idea: As we develop our spiritual endurance, it also produces other qualities in our lives that reflect God’s characteristics.

Spiritual Endurance is Needed as an Encouragement and Comfort for Others

Big Idea: When we endure suffering, hardship, temptation, and testing, we then can encourage and comfort others who ae going through similar times.

Spiritual Endurance is Produced by Suffering

Big Idea: No one likes to suffer.  But God uses times of suffering to produce spiritual endurance in us.  This prepares us to be able to endure more suffering and grow closer to Jesus who endures suffering for us.

Spiritual Endurance is Produced by Temptations

Big Idea: God allows His children to be tempted to sin in order to produce spiritual endurance in them.  But He never allows the temptation to be so strong that is impossible to resist.

Spiritual Endurance is Produced by God Testing Our Faith

Big Idea: God does not tempt us to sin.  But He does test our faith in order to produce spiritual endurance.  That testing is for our benefit and the benefit of others.

Spiritual Endurance Strengthens Our Witness

Big Idea: The Lord’s Supper is a meal of suffering.  Jesus suffered on the cross to give us His body and blood that brings forgiveness.  Our message about Jesus is more believable when we are willing to suffer on account of it.  This proves our genuineness in seeking the welfare of others and not ourselves.