The Offense of Christ

Big Idea: Most people think of Jesus on the cross as an offense.  But Jesus also said things that offended people.  He spoke the truth, pointed out people’s sin, and confronted hypocrisy.  Nobody likes that! But to not do those things is an act of hate rather than love.  Prepare to be offended!

The Offense of not giving what people want.

Big Idea: People always want a little more from God.  But God has already given us more than enough to believe in him.

The Offense of His importance

Big Idea: Jesus is the creator and sustainer of life.  Many people are offended by this as they want no one to have a say over them.

The Offense of faith

Big Idea: Many people are willing to talk about Jesus as a great teacher.  But faith in Jesus requires a change of life, a total trust in him.

The Offense of attacking human traditions

Big Idea: Many are willing to follow Jesus as long as they can continue to keep their own traditions.

The Offense of pointing out the sinfulness of the heart

Big Idea: Many people don’t mind having sin pointed out in others or blaming other things for sin.  the truth is that it is our hearts that are sinful and the place where sin starts.