The Spirit Speaks, The Church Listens

Big Idea of the Series: The seven letters to the churches in Revelation are meant to also be to us as a church and as individual followers of Jesus. Each letter contains a word of encouragement or admonishment for us. Are we willing to listen?

The Spirit Asks: Where’s the Love?

Big Idea: Love for Christ is what should motivate us as a church and as followers of Jesus. If that is not motivating us, we are in danger of losing the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit Says: Be Rich in Christ

Big Idea: True riches are found in our relationship with Jesus. The world wants to rob us of those riches by persecuting us. Hold on to Jesus!

The Spirit Says: Stand Firm

Big Idea: The world wants us to compromise in our faith in Christ. Compromise means we are against what Christ says. Stand firm!

The Spirit Says: Test Everyone Who Claims to Teach in My Name

Big Idea: Enemies will arise from within the church. Only those who know their Bibles will be able to withstand them.

The Spirit Says: Don’t Commit Spiritual Suicide!

Big Idea: The Spirit makes alive, but we have the ability to commit spiritual suicide. We do this by allowing other things to take priority over prayer, Bible reading, and worship.

The Spirit Asks: Whose Power Are You Relying On?

Big Idea: If we rely on our own power, we will accomplish little to nothing for Jesus. But if we rely on Jesus, no task is too big.

The Spirit Asks: What Are You Proud About?

Big Idea: When we boast about what we have done rather than what God has done for us or through us, we begin to think we don’t need God’s help. We become a bad taste in the mouth of God.