Big Idea of the Series: This series will look at things in which we try to find our value. It will show us our true value is in how God sees us.

Bought with a Price

Big Idea: Value is given to an object by what someone is willing to pay for it.  Our value is based on the blood of Jesus.

Who Loves You, Baby?

Big Idea: We feel valued when we are loved.  Instead of looking for love in others, we should find love in the arms of Jesus.

He Who Has the Most Stuff Still Dies

Big Idea: We base our value on the things we own.  God gives us true riches.

Looking Like a Million Bucks

Big Idea: We base our value on how people see us.  We try to make ourselves look good by how we dress, our hairstyle, and our body image.  God clothes us with Christ.