Walking the Tightrope

Following Jesus when the world doesn’t

Big Idea of the Series: This series will show us ways to not only live but thrive as a follower of Jesus in an anti-Jesus world.  We will look at how people of the Bible handled these situations as well as other followers of Jesus.

1/8/2023 Alone?

Big Idea: At times it feels like we are all alone following Jesus.  But that is a lie of the devil. The truth is we are never alone.

Go with the Flow?

Big Idea: Should we agree just to keep the peace? Or should we just not speak out? Is being tolerant really the best way?


Big Idea: When should a follower of Jesus disobey the authorities?   How should a follower of Jesus disobey?

Take a Stand?

Big Idea: Standing for Christ can seem scary.  Is knowing Christ and His salvation worth the cost?