What Does the Resurrection Mean for us Today?

Big Idea of the Series: This series will apply the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection to our lives today. We will see how this Good News not only applies to our eternity but also is good for our everyday lives.

Jesus’ Resurrection is Defeat of Death!

Big Idea: Jesus rose again from the dead on Easter.  He has defeated death, not only for Himself, but for all of us!

Jesus’ Resurrection Fills Our Lives With Hope!

Big Idea: Hope is what keeps us going.  If we have no hope, life becomes meaningless.  Jesus’ resurrection gives us something to look forward to.  It puts hope into our lives here on earth.

The Power that Raised Jesus to Life is at Work in Us!

Big Idea: God is all powerful.  He raised Jesus to life, never to die again.  That same resurrection power He now displays in our lives!