Worth Ship

Big Idea of the Series: Obeying God out of love for Him is what we are to do.  This shows God His worth in our eyes.  It is an act of worship.  This series will focus on the 3rd Commandment and the concept of Sabbath as rest and worship. (We will use the assigned Old Testament readings for the first 3 weeks and the assigned Psalm for the last week.)

Sabbath: A Matter of Life and Death!

Big Idea: God gave us His commandments out of love.  We are to obey them out of love.  This includes the practice of Sabbath.  When we don’t obey out of love, it leads to sin, and sin leads to death!

Sabbath: A Matter of Rest

Big Idea: God rested after creating everything in six days.  He tells us to also rest.  There are things we should be doing to get the most out of this Sabbath rest.

Sabbath: A Matter of Gratitude

Big Idea: Sabbath is a commandment.  But it is one given out of love.  It also needs to be obeyed out of love.  When we obey out of a sense of duty or drudgery, our obeying becomes sin.  Only when we obey out of love for God can we fully enjoy the benefits of the Sabbath.

Sabbath: A Matter of Praise

Big Idea: When we obey the command about Sabbath out of love, we worship God correctly.