Forgiveness: Easier Said Than Done

Big Idea of the Series: Many people struggle with forgiveness.  What it means, how to receive it, how to forgive themselves and others.  This series will show how God’s forgiveness of us enables us to live lives of forgiveness for ourselves and for others.

The High Cost

Big Idea: Forgiveness comes with a high cost.  The one doing the forgiving bears that cost. 

Forgiveness: Releasing Ourselves from Sin

Big Idea: We think we deserve to be punished for acts of sin.  We are correct.  But Jesus intervenes on our behalf.  He is punished; He bears the high cost of forgiveness.  We can access the forgiveness He has paid for by our confessing our sins and trusting in Him.

The Harm of Not Forgiving

Big Idea: When we live without forgiveness, we live with death.  Only by accepting forgiveness and conferring forgiveness can we truly be free to live.