Follow the Leader Part 2

How to Follow

Big Idea of the Series: Many people are confused or unsure what it means to follow Jesus.  This series will look at the practical ways that followers of Jesus follow Him.

Hold On to What Jesus Says

Big idea:  You lose grip on something easily if you only hold on with two or three fingers. God wants you to get a good grasp on what is written in the Bible and how you can apply it to your life. Think of holding on to the Bible with all five of these fingers: Hear, Read, Study, Memorize, Meditate.

Here are sermon notes:

Here are sermon notes:

Talk with Jesus

Big Idea: Just as reading your Bible helps you know Jesus more intimately, so does spending time with Him in prayer. Prayer is your way of communicating with Jesus.

Worship Jesus with Your Whole Life

Big Idea: You were made to worship God! Worship is not just something that happens in a church service. Your daily life is an act of worship, as you live in a way that brings pleasure to God.

Follow Jesus with Your Wallet

Big Idea: How you spend your money shows what is truly valuable in your heart.  Putting God first when it comes to your money grows you in your relationship with Him.