7 Deadly Sins

Big Idea of the series: These 7 sins are deadly because they produce so many more sins in our lives.  During the season of Lent, we take time to reflect on our sins.  Using these 7 sins to help us in our confession and repentance of sins will lead us to the cross of Jesus.


Big Idea: Pride is the first of all sins, and all sins flow from pride.  When we sin, we are making ourselves equal or greater to God.

Here is a Bible study to help you go deeper:

Here is a Bible study to help you go deeper:


Big Idea: Sinful anger is all about me, my wants, my desires.  It lashes out at others, unmindful of the damage.


Big Idea: Sloth is not caring about others.  It can lead to not caring about anything. Another name for sloth is apathy or complacency.

Greed: the sin of never having enough

Big Idea: Greed causes us to be selfish.  It also causes us to commit other sins in order to get what we want. 

Lust: the sin of being ruled by feelings rather than God’s Word

Big Idea: Lust begins in the thoughts.  It proceeds in our words.  It ends in our actions.  It is all designed to make our feelings our god rather than the living God.